The Iron Minds. How Mind is Key in sport and can help us in general life.

After having started this year to work closely with international triathlon athletes I have realized that they all have something in common that goes far beyond from being physical. That is the mind power that helps you to reach further than ever expected with water objective you foresee. At the end, a dream without a plan it ends to be a dream. But when you truly believe it you yourself are the single best one to push you to achieve whatever imagined.

With this idea in mind we worked with Tiempo BBDO The Iron Minds full documentary:

If you want to have the best quotes go direct to each of the atheltes featured: Andrew Starykowicz, Non Standford, Åsa Lundström and Sebastian Kienle. Find here the best quotes of each of them that could help you not just in sports but as well in general life.

Iron can bend but never break
Where the fastest cyclist in Ironman teach us how important being flexible is to overcome the non forecasted changes on a plan. At the end if you are to rigid (like a Diamond) you will be stiff but you could break. The best ist being able to adapt.

Your body takes you to the finish line but only your mind makes you cross it.
Where the 2 times Ironman 70.3 World champion stresses the fact that you have to stay calm in every bad moment you have in training because this moment will always come on your race. That feeling of controlling with your mind a panic situation could help you as well in general life, it´s just about the mind controlling your body, and of course is key to let your mind rest.

To win is to overcome others. Victory is to overcome yourself.
The two times Ironman winner Åsa Lundström teaches as that it is not just about being the best but about been every day better than you were yesterday. A personal achievement could be always more important than a victory.

Everyone can train hard and be physically strong but it´s someone´s mental strength that gives you the edge.
ITU World champion Non Stanford success lays on the ability on never give her a chance to give up, as this would be always the easiest way.

Those are the video ones, you can find more about the ironminds Philosophy in each of the interviews featured at Orca Community page.