A dream without a plan is just a Dream. From not being able to swim to long distance triatlon

On 2012 I could not swim and now I am eager to qualify to Ironman Worldchampionships on Kona (Hawaii). I share my rutines and videos with tips for Age Groupers on my and (first triathlon)

I left Mountain Bike and Duathlon having been top10 on most national races on Spain having shared team with the now Ironman Champion Victor del Corral. I quite to devote my life on global advertising companies and after 10 years working for big corporations I decided that I wanted to come back in to sport and give myself a chance on what I had dreamt about: life with and for promoting the sport. As I have had always terrible fear to the water I decided that my come back in to sport should be in Triathlon. I could not swim so this will be my challenge: learning to swim to do my first triathlon. I was fastly supported by the sports brands Orbea, Orca, Asics, Isostar, Garmin and Franklin and Marshall. (first triathlon)
On 2012 I started to train and at the same time sharing my evolution on the blog and my YouTube channel where I would be showing how I was progressing. Now those spaces are truly witnesses of my evolution and now serve to help and coach others to start to overcome theirs fears and start to do sport, not just triathlon for their very first times.

In less than a year that small blog and youtube becomes to be a platform to help others to start on sport and Orca hires me to be its global Marketing Manager while combinint it with my training and coaching. From that moment I decided to set a higher goal and try to qualify for the very honest race on long distance triathlon: Ironman World Championship at Kona (Hawaii). My first try was in Lanzarote this year where I ended just 19minutes ahead tho achive a slot being 80th from 2,500 participantes in what is called the toughest Ironman in the World. I count with the help of my coach Arkaitz Castañeda and the nutritionist Javi Guerrero (IND Nutricion)

That has been my races on those last years on my way to Kona.

On this evolution I have been able to be better

  • From 2:53 on Barcelona Maraton 2013 to be 2:47 on Sevilla Marathon on 2014
  • From 1:21 on Barcelona Half Marathon 2013 to be 1:16 on the same race on 2014
  • From running on 3:43 my long distance race on Challenge Roth in 2013 to run a 3:13 marathon in Lanzarote after the toughest bike in Ironman
  • From swimming on 1:29 at Roth to 1:14 on Lanzarote on just one year

Hope that my daily work and determination to be better every day not just in sport helps you to achieve whatever personal goals you have

On this video I explain what long distance triathlon means to me: