Breathe, advancing my New Year´s resolution

It would sound stupid or simple to say that one of the main learnings to take this year has been learning that breathe it´s not the same as breath but yes, this is how to explain short how long 2014 performed. I am meaning “breathe” not only because I have started to be infused by some Yoga learnings  (which is actually very true) but because  breathing, and taking things slower helps to increase how we live by enjoying and feeling closer our own reality and personal achievements. Why am I mentioning this? It happens that 2014 has been the year where I have been able to go  16 minutes down in the swim leg, 33 minutes faster in the bike (compared my difference with the pro Miquel Blanchart in Challenge Roth 2013) and decrease 32 minutes  in the Marathon in what it is said to be the hardest Ironman Course after Kona (Ironman Lanzarote) compared to my first long distance race in Roth. That was achieved in less than 7 months of hard training.

Despite so huge increase I was still 19 minutes behind my golden slot to qualify to Ironman Kona World championships in the year where our very own Orca Athlete Sebastian Kienle was crowned as Kona World Champion. The increase of my performance was huge but I misunderstood qualifying to Kona as one single main goal and that made me blind to enjoy the big growth done in less than a year. Actually my goal when I came back to sport by doing triathlon was just to stay healthy, discover different places and show to me that I was able to keep increasing my performance. So that is actually what I am going to do in 2015, re-embrance my real objecttives and combine different sports that I like as cross-training to do triathlon. If that brings me as an age grouper  to Kona great, but if not, no probs! at least I will continue enjoying every day devoted to do sport and helping others to reach further not just at sports but achieving their personal goals. Said that, here comes the first draft calendar for 2015 and my committment to Breathe, enjoy and live for this advanced New Year´s Resolution: Breathe deeper and enjoy.

See us soon! and if this learning helps anyone. Breathe and enjoy the journey without going so fast that you can not even enjoy the beautiful landscape of your trip.