Artist of the Month – La Roux

On my last post I was reccomending you to take an easy read to “Let My people go surfing” where Chouinard stresses the importance that lais into passion and being authentic to grow up a succesful idea wether if it is a brand or a project. Now is La Roux time.

First, because her focus on this last years have been to be better musician and not “just” be famous. She has been focusing on the process to bring the best of herself into an album rather than ending to be the forever insultant 21 y/o electropop grammy awarded singer who hits 2,000,000 sales on her first ever album and lives from that her entire carrer.

Second and most important is that her goal is to be true to herself and not “just” a good hell-selling product. Trouble in Paradise is a brilliant evolution from La Roux’s self-titled debut in 2009. Despite it took her 5 years to come back that has bring a more sexy, groovy, funky and mature side of her. Yes it´s true that in that it was an stressful process where she needed to manage a change with her partner/producer plus overcoming some voice issues with achaiving again her falseto register but, still, worthy. She was as well eager and brave to introduce new references more into disco and funk scene than to electro music.

On top of those two reasons, and third: consistency in her evolution.  I had the luck of seeing her live yesterday at Bilbao BIME festival where she mixed 4 singles from the past “La Roux” (2009) with the new “Trouble in Paradise” (2014) and it just sounds more balanced, mature and even Elly insists in not being so auto biographic it clearly tells she has become to be stronger both as musician as as person. Starting the concert by let me down gently and finishing with bulletproof could mean something. From that concert just outlining the in crescendo that boosted to the roof on the last two songs where literally Elly played first with the guitarr on Silent partner to go all in with the drums on a re-newed Bulletproof version. When saying all-in is british style ;) always kind of calculated and posed but still, brilliant. BTW, two more things: the drummer is outer space, he brings magical atmospheric vibes to all the scenario and I am courious to know what was inside the Adidas sport bottle she was using to drink in each pause, is she into sports? :).

As mentioned above here is how La Roux went live at BIME Bilbao

  1. Let me down gently
  2. Fascination (2009)
  3. Kiss and not tell
  4. In for the kill (2009)
  5. Sexoteque
  6. Cruel sexuality
  7. I,m not your Toy (2009)
  8. Tropical Chancer
  9. Uptight Downtown
  10. Silent Partner
  11. Bulletproof (2009)
La Roux at BIME Bilbao - the closer I could get with my Iphone

La Roux at BIME Bilbao – the closer I could get with my Iphone

If you have reach this line is that you  want to know more about the old and new Elly, right? heere two interesting interviews.

With Fuse in 2014 / La Roux on New Album: “It’s Emptiness Where There Once Was Joy”

With the Guardian on 2009