About Me

I was borned in a small town close to the Pyrenees in between Spain and France. Raised in Barcelona and travelled the world thanks to action sports. During my time working for global communication agencies such as BBDO, Ogilvy, McCann-Erickson and Saatchi& Saathi I learned that to be a relevant and loved brand you need to have a big idea that in a certain way helps for a change into a better world. On 2012, affected for that vision I took the determination to work on brands and projects that really can change lives. Now I combine my time as relations manager of the skincare company ISDIN with the practice of multiple action sports. You will find me most of my time in Barcelona. Drop me a line!

Sports, music, marketing, branding

My Blog

In this space I will be sharing my thoughts, examples and daily moments that I find myself interesting.


Primer Triatlon

There was a time when I could not swim, that was my biggest fear so in 2012 I decided to overcome it by starting to do my first triathlon. I began to explain my experience of starting on this sport at primertriatlon.com (first triathlon). Now give advice and coaching to age groupers of different levels.

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